[eBook] Lionel Asbo: State of England


An exuberant, acidic satire of modern society and celebrity culture -- by a renowned author at the height of his powers. Young Desmond Pepperdine desires nothing more than books to read and a girl to love. Unfortunately for him, he's the ward of his uncle, Lionel Asbo (self-named after England's infamous Anti-Social Behaviour Orders), a terrifying yet oddly principled thug who's determined to teach him the joys of pitbulls (fed with lots of Tabasco sauce), internet porn ("me love life"), and all manner of more serious criminality. But just as Desmond begins to lead a gentler, healthier life, Lionel wins yes'>pound;134 million in the lottery, hires a public-relations firm, and begins dating a cannily ambitious topless model and poet. Strangely, however, Lionel remains his vicious, weirdly loyal self, while his problems as well as Desmond's seem only to multiply. From the Hardcover edition.

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Martin Amis

Écrivain et critique littéraire, Martin Amis, né en 1949, vit à Londres. Il a publié une quinzaine d'ouvrages, principalement des romans et des recueils de nouvelles parmi lesquels, aux Éditions Gallimard, L'information (Du Monde Entier, 1996 et Folio n° 3129), Train de nuit (Du Monde Entier, 1999 et Folio n° 3508), Eau lourde et autres nouvelles (Du Monde Entier, 2000), Poupées crevées (Du Monde Entier, 2001 et Folio n° 3796), Money, money (Folio n° 3723), Expérience (Du Monde Entier, 2003 et Folio n° 4162).