Anglais Brilliance of the Moon

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In the third volume of the phenomenal series that began with the bestselling ACROSS THE NIGHTINGALE FLOOR and then GRASS FOR HIS PILLOW, the teenage lovers, Takeo and Kaede, are now married. But their destinies are determined by forces beyond their control. Takeo leads an army into battle, and Kaede, far from his protection, is treacherously betrayed. Their love will survive until death – which, in the savage, beautiful world of the Otori, is only ever a lightning swordstroke away. ‘Lian Hearn is creating an imaginary world every bit as absorbing as Middle Earth and Hogwarts . . . This is the same mysterious oriental landscape that beguiled Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon audiences’ Guardian ‘Quite simply the best story of magic, love, sex, revenge and suspense since Philip Pullman.’ Independent on Sunday

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