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In this new page-turner by New York Times bestselling author Joy Fielding, the life of a beautiful young defense attorney is thrown into turmoil when she is called back to her hometown to defend her disturbed, estranged mother, who publically shot and killed a man. High-powered, twenty-eight-year-old defense attorney Amanda Travis likes several things: the colour black, lunchtime Spinning classes at the fitness centre on Clematis Street in downtown Palm Beach; her all-white one-bedroom, oceanfront condo; a compliant jury; men whose wives don';t understand them. Some of the things she doesn';t: the colour pink; when the temperature outside her condo';s floor-to-ceiling windows falls below sixty-five degrees; clients who don';t follow her advice; being asked to show I.D. when she goes to a bar; nicknames of any shape or size. Something else Amanda Travis doesn';t like: memories. But when Ben, the first of her two ex-husbands, calls from her hometown of Toronto with the alarming news that her mother has shot and killed a man in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel, it becomes more and more difficult for Amanda to continue running from her past. Now she must return to face her demons and the life she left behind -- a love that once consumed her and a mother who holds a strange, dark power over everyone she encounters. "Puppet" is the nickname Amanda';s mother once called her. But now Amanda is determined to fight her mother';s fatal whims -- evn if it kills her. From the Hardcover edition.

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Joy Fielding

Joy Fielding a soumis sa première nouvelle à un magazine à l'âge de huit ans. Aujourd'hui, elle est un auteur mondialement reconnu de best-sellers, et la reine du thriller psychologique. Canadienne, elle partage sa vie entre Toronto et Palm Beach. Mariée, elle a deux filles.