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[eBook]  The Water Knife


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From the international bestselling author of the Hugo and Nebula award-winning The Windup Girl, comes an electrifying thriller set in a world on the edge of collapse. WATER IS POWER The American Southwest has been decimated by drought, Nevada and Arizona skirmish over dwindling shares of the Colorado River, while California watches. When rumors of a game-changing water source surface in Phoenix, Las Vegas water knife Angel Velasquez is sent to investigate. With a wallet full of identities and a tricked-out Tesla, Angel arrows south, hunting for answers that seem to evaporate as the heat index soars and the landscape becomes more and more oppressive. There, Angel encounters Lucy Monroe, a hardened journalist who knows far more about Phoenix's water secrets than she admits, and Maria Villarosa, a young Texas migrant who dreams of escaping north to those places where water still falls from the sky. As bodies begin to pile up and bullets start flying, the three find themselves pawns in a game far bigger, more corrupt, and dirtier than any of them could have imagined. With Phoenix teetering on the verge of collapse and time running out, their only hope for survival rests in one another's hands. But when water is more valuable than gold, alliances shift like sand, and the only truth in the desert is that someone will have to bleed if anyone hopes to drink.


Paolo Bacigalupi - Paolo Bacigalupi est devenu en quelques années la star mondiale de la SF. Son premier roman, La Fille automate, lauréat aux USA en 2010 des prix Nébula, Hugo, Locus et Campbell, est lauréat en France du Prix des Bloggeurs, du Prix Bob Morane, du Prix Une autre terre et du Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire 2013. Son univers jeunesse entamé avec Ferrailleurs des Iflers et Les Cités englouties, est best-seller aux EtatsUnis, finaliste du National Book Award et lauréat du prix Michael Printz jeunes adultes. Son prochain roman jeunesse, Zombie bail, et sa novella de fantasy, L'Alchimiste du Khain, paraître en septembre 2014 aux éditons Au diable vauvert.