The Assassins of Isis

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[eBook] The Assassins of Isis

The location of Rahimere's tomb, somewhere deep in the desert, has long been kept a closely guarded secret. But now, the Sebaus - a sect taking its name from demons - has plundered and pillaged the sepulchre for its most powerful treasure. The fiery Pharaoh Queen Hatusu must fight to protect the tombs of her kin and tighten her grip on the collar of Egypt. Then Egypt's great military hero, General Suten, is bitten to death by a swarm of venomous vipers, it appears events have spiralled out of her control. Meanwhile, a dark shadow lies across the peaceful Temple of Isis; four of the temple handmaids have vanished without trace. Will Lord Amerotke, Pharaoh's Chief Judge, be able to unravel the mysteries before further violence erupts? Or will he find that the perpetrators are in league with forces beyond his jurisdiction. The fifth novel in Paul Doherty's Ancient Egyptian series.

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Paul Doherty

Paul Doherty est né à Middlesbrough, dans le Yorkshire. Il est l'auteur de plusieurs séries historico-policières, dont notamment : les enquêtes de frère Athelstan, un dominicain du XIIIe siècle ; les enquêtes de Hugh Corbett, espion du roi Édouard Ier ; et celles d'Amerotkê, juge dans l'Égypte du XVe siècle avant J.-C.. Il est aujourd'hui professeur d'histoire médiévale.

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