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[eBook]  Experience

Martin Amis is one of the most gifted and innovative writers of our time. With Experience, he discloses a private life every bit as unique and fascinating as his bestselling novels. The son of the great comic novelist Kingsley Amis, Martin Amis explores his relationship with this father and writes about the various crises of Kingsley's life. He also examines the life and legacy of his cousin, Lucy Partington, who was abducted and murdered by one of Britain's most notorious serial killers. Experience also deconstructs the changing literary scene, including Amis' portraits of Saul Bellow, Salman Rushdie, Allan Bloom, Philip Larkin, and Robert Graves, among others. Not since Nabokov's Speak, Memory has such an implausible life been recorded by such an inimitable talent. Profound, witty, and ruthlessly honest, Experience is a literary event.

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  • Nombre de pages 432 Pages
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Martin Amis

Écrivain et critique littéraire, Martin Amis, né en 1949, vit à Londres. Il a publié une quinzaine d'ouvrages, principalement des romans et des recueils de nouvelles parmi lesquels, aux Éditions Gallimard, L'information (Du Monde Entier, 1996 et Folio n° 3129), Train de nuit (Du Monde Entier, 1999 et Folio n° 3508), Eau lourde et autres nouvelles (Du Monde Entier, 2000), Poupées crevées (Du Monde Entier, 2001 et Folio n° 3796), Money, money (Folio n° 3723), Expérience (Du Monde Entier, 2003 et Folio n° 4162).

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