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“Mira Lyn Kelly’s writing always sparkles,” raves Lauren Layne, and Kelly does it again in Now and Then--a steamy short novel of lost love, second chances, and hidden dangers.
Brynn Ahearn is gorgeous, fun, and not just a sports nut but an NBA camera woman whose work takes her all over the country. In other words, she’s a walking male fantasy--or at least, she would be if she weren’t so busy keeping the guys at bay. The fact is, with Brynn’s con-man father fresh out of jail and back in her life, dating is just too risky. Haunted by memories of her past, she couldn’t ask any man to gamble with his life for love--even one as addictive as Ford Meyers.
Ford can’t believe his luck when he walks into a bar in Chicago’s Wicker Park and gets an eyeful of Brynn, the one that got away. After the gorgeous redhead blew him off in college, Ford got on with his life and made his fortune as a bestselling game designer, but he’s never found a woman who compared to Brynn. No stranger to success, Ford is used to getting what he wants--and after a scorching stolen kiss, what he wants is a second shot with his first love. To get it, he just has to convince her that he’s man enough to take on the past she can’t leave behind.
Praise for Now and Then
“Sexy and fun with a little heartbreak thrown in for good measure, Now and Then sucked me right in and didn’t let me go until the last page. Ford and Brynn are the kind of couple you cheer for.”--New York Times bestselling author Lexi Ryan
“In this heartwarming story from Mira Lyn Kelly, two hearts dare to trust again and find love is all the sweeter the second time around.”--USA Today bestselling author Alexis Morgan
“Brynn and Ford’s sizzling second-chance romance heats up the pages and tugs at your heart. Mira Lyn Kelly delivers another amazing read!”--Tracy March, award-winning author of Should’ve Said No
“This sexy second-chance romance is loaded with heat, heart, and tension. Now and Then is the total package, and it made me into a big Mira Lynn Kelly fan within the first few pages.”--Brenda Rothert, author of Blown Away
“Mira Lyn has a talent of keeping me engaged. It’s like she projects what’s in my brain and gives it to me in writing. Yes, I’m a huge fan and I will fangirl all I want.”--Nerd & Lace
“A fast read that still managed to pack in a ton of angst and enough conflict to make me happy. Now I want to go back and read the series again.”--The Romance Factor
“Now and Then is a spectacular romance, definitely adding to the beauty of the stories in this series.”--Thoughts at One in the Morning
“I highly recommend it. You really can’t go wrong. Mira Lyn Kelly knows how to give good romance.”--Dirty Girl Romance
“I really enjoyed this book and the way the author told Brynn and Ford’s story.”--Fiction Fangirls
“Their reconciliation was cute and the epilogue was freaking adorable.”--Becky on Books and Quilts
“If you are looking for a book to satisfy your romantic needs, then congratulations, you have found the one.”--Dreamland: A Teenage Fantasy
Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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