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Anglais [eBook] Limassol


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This timely and morally complex novel tells the story of a conflicted Israeli secret service agent. An expert interrogator, a connoisseur of persuasive methods--legal and otherwise--he never fails to make his subjects talk. But when two prisoners die in his custody his superiors suggest a temporary reassignment. Begrudgingly, he accepts his new mission: go undercover, posing as an aspiring novelist, and befriend Daphna, an Israeli writer, and her ailing friend Hani, a renowned Palestinian poet. The target of his assignment is Hani’s son Yotam, a wanted terrorist leader. As the writer’s friendship begins to awaken feelings he thought long dead, his own well-entrenched sense of right and wrong is clouded. But the habits of a lifetime in the military propel him to continue his deceptions and lay his trap for Yotam. Playing upon a dying man’s sentiments, he convinces the elderly poet to arrange a meeting with his son in Limassol, a Cypriot town where the Israelis lie in wait to eliminate their target. As the intrigue and tension mount, the agent will be forced to choose between his professional obligations and his newfound loyalties.