Anglais The Colour of Dawn

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Port au Prince, Haiti. The police roam the streets and no-one is safe. Fignolé, musician and political radical is missing. His sisters Joyeuse and Angelique search for their young brother amid the colour, bustle, deprivation and political tension of the city. Everntually they will find him, but in the process they will also have found more about themselves than they wanted to know. One day and three lives in a city where love is hard to find, life is cheap and death is all too familioar. A tense, passionate and viivdly told story of small victories of hope in the face of a seemingly impossible fight against a monolithic regime. "Writing so beautiful it takes your breath away" - Le Mode Diplomatique Winner of the RFO Award; the Prix Millepages and the Prix Litterataire Richelieu de la Francophonie.

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