Anglais Valerian ; Intégrale vol.4 ; t.9 à t.12

(Scénariste), (Dessinateur)

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Fourth volume of the collection: return to Earth, and some great
upheavals in the characters' lives, are on the menu for the best
titles of the series. This volume contains books 9 to 12 - two
unmissable two-parters that represent a turning point in the story of
our agents, and which are widely considered by critics and readers
alike to be the pinnacle of the series. Characterised by a return to
20th century Earth, these two stories are suffused with incredible
melancholy and poetic charm, and force Valerian, the action man, to
face his limitations. As the real date neared 1986, final year of our
world according to the authors, Pierre Christin reconciled fiction
and reality with consummate skill and daring, sweeping aside the
status quo and sending his heroes down a completely new path. This
book is introduced by several articles of the recently departed Stan

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