Anglais Health & management (édition en anglais ; préface Hugues Lecat)

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Crises are powerful catalysts for change. The experience of the healthcare sector since 2020 is no exception.
The first part of this book looks at the essential role that innovation and digitalisation play in transformation. Digital and communication technologies, such as telemedicine, open many doors, creating patient-focused networks of healthcare
professionals. But these developments raise questions about how healthcare systems are managed and what role institutions play within them.
The second part of the book deals with the business world, where health has become a strategic issue. Business leaders
are having to adapt to a new paradigm. Taking care of their employees' health is no longer enough - they now have to boost their well-being and quality of life at work. There are many factors at play. Managers want effective team performance and stand-out individual skills. Their employees need to forge stronger social connections while often working from home. How can businesses meet their objectives and keep employees healthy, safe and happy?
This book is an impressive, multi-faceted work that sheds light on the issues facing healthcare professionals and institutions in a post-Covid world.

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    Jean-Michel Huet, Arlette Petitjean, Collectif

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