Summary : The Management Myth - Matthew Stewart

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This work offers a summary of the book "THE MANAGEMENT MYTH: Why the Experts Keep Getting It Wrong" by Matthew Stewart.
The "management myth" is that business management is a body of discrete and specialized technical expertise which is a formal academic discipline. According to Stewart, this is an illusion which has been created by self-proclaimed business gurus, business book authors and the business school industry. Management is at best a pseudoscience, the latest iteration of the long held American tradition of trying to offer technological solutions to far-reaching political and moral problems.
Matthew Stewart came to the management consulting industry as a complete outsider as he had a doctorate in philosophy rather than an MBA. Regardless, Matthew worked for ten years first as a management consultant and then as a founding partner of a new consulting firm. He analyzed business training and the business schools who award 140,000 MBAs every year. In The Management Myth, he draws conclusions based on his experience. According to Stewart, "a good manager is nothing more or less than a good and well educated person".
The Management Myth presents an innovative thinking. This well-written book will interest anyone wanting to achieve success in business and other organizations.

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