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This work offers a summary of the book: "The Road Ahead: How the Emerging Technologies of the Digital Age will Transform Everyone´s Lives" by Bill Gate.
Summary of the ideas in Bill Gate´s book "The Road Ahead" explains how the emerging technologies of the information highway have the ability to transform the life of every person on the planet. This summary points out the road in 12 points:
1. A revolution begins 2. The beginning of the information age 3. Lessons from the computer industry 4. Applications and appliances 5. Paths to the Highway 6. The content revolution 7. Implications for business 8. Friction-free capitalism 9. Education: the best investment 10. Plugged in at home 11. Race for the gold 12. Critical issues Added- value of this summary:
O Save time o Understand the key concepts To learn more read "The Road Ahead" and understand why the information-based economy will forever change the way everybody does business, works, learns and communicates.

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