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Age: 8-9 years old Reading Level: 3rd grade The best illustrated fairytales for children! Once upon a time, there was a merchant who had three daughters. One day, he was arrested by a monstruous creature during a business trip. The monster agreed to let the merchant live only if he sent Beauty, one of his daughters, to live with him. The merchant did not know what to do but Beauty decided to honour her father's word and went to the Beast. The collection "Once Upon a Time" offers a new and richly illustrated version of the most famous fairytales. EXCERPT Once upon a time was a merchant who had three daughters. One day, while preparing to go on his travels, he promised to bring each one of them a gift. Beauty, the youngest and the kindest, asked her father to bring her only a red rose, because she loved roses very much. When the merchant was returning home, he was caught in a sudden storm and got lost in the forest. He saw a huge castle and, as the door was opened, he went inside to shelter. "Anybody home?" said the merchant but no one responded. Nobody was there, but he noticed a huge table laid with delicious food. The merchant had been travelling for a long time and was hungry so he sat and ate a hearty meal. In the same collection: O Thumbelina o The Ugly Duckling o The Brave Little Tailor o The Tin Soldier o The Musicians of Bremen o Hansel and Gretel o Three Little Pigs o Goldilocks and the 3 Bears o The Little Thumb o Puss in Boots o Little Red Riding Hood o Sleeping Beauty o Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs o Cinderella o Peter Pan

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