Anglais [eBook]  Geophysical and geotechnical methods for diagnosing flood protection dikes (EDITION EN LANGUE ANGLAISE)

This book presents a three-phase methodology for the efficient diagnosis of «dry dikes» (i.e. dykes built above normal water levels of the rivers that provide protection at time of flood). Although the principles of the method described herein were developed on dikes in France, they may be applied with confidence in other countries around the world. Phase one of the methodology involves gathering as much information as possible about the dike so as to ensure the high quality of the final diagnosis. The main aim of the second phase - the geophysical survey - is to divide up the dike into zones in order to identify sections of the structure that are vulnerable to irreversible damage during a flood. The third phase - the geotechnical investigation - consists of various tests and drillings that ascertain in situ the principal mechanical characteristics of the materials that make up the structure. This guide is invaluable for anyone involved in dike safety; notably owners, managers, engineers and contractors, and provides all the information required for effective dike diagnosis and for initiating more extensive work or more detailed study. Cyrille Fauchard is a researcher who specialises in the application of electromagnetism to civil engineering. He heads a research team that works with the Public Works Regional Engineering Office (CETE) in Rouen, France on the dielectric and non-destructive characterisation of subsurface and civil engineering materials. Patrice Mériaux is a research engineer in civil engineering and an expert in dam and dike safety. As head of the « Hydraulics engineering and hydrology » research unit at Cemagref in Aix-en-Provence, France, his work has focused on developing and enhancing diagnostic methods for earth dams and dikes.

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