Anglais Summary: Executing Your Strategy - Mark Morgan, Raymond Levitt and William Malek

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This work offers a summary of the book "EXECUTING YOUR STRATEGY: How to Break It Down and Get It Done" by Mark Morgan, Raymond Levitt and William Malek.The days when executives could concentrate on formulating brilliant corporate strategy which was then left to others to work out how to execute are probably gone forever. Today, corporate strategy needs to be carefully aligned with the actual day-to-day activities of the organization and deliberate investment in the right projects in order to produce superior results.To be more specific, strategic execution will only happen when six essential domains are in alignment with each other and also with the external environment. These six domains are Ideation, Nature, Vision, Engagement, Synthesis and Transition (I-N-V-E-S-T). In this practical guide, the authors explain the reader how to create better alignment between these imperatives.Packed with real-world examples and fresh insights, Executing Your Strategy reveals how to get things done in your own organization. A powerful resource guide for any strategist or project leader.

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