Anglais Summary: Financial Intelligence - Karen Berman and Joe Knight

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This work offers a summary of the book "FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE: A Manager´s Guide to Knowing What the Numbers Really Mean" by Karen Berman and Joe Knight."We have worked with thousands of employees, managers, and leaders in American companies, teaching them about the financial side of business. Our philosophy is that everyone in a company does better when they understand how financial success is measured and how they have an impact on the company´s performance. Our term for that understanding is `financial intelligence´. Greater financial intelligence, we´ve learned, helps people feel more involved and committed. They understand better what they are a part of, what the organization is trying to achieve, and how they affect results. Trust increases, turnover decreases, and financial results improve." (Karen Berman and Joe Knight)According to coauthors Karen Berman and Joe Knight, everyone in business should acquire a set of skills and attitudes about finance. Packed with entertaining stories of actual businesses, this book provides, in a very accessible style, the financial knowledge necessary to become financially intelligent. Financial Intelligence is an excellent guide for non-financial managers wishing to gain a better understanding of the basics of finance.

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