Summary: Getting to Plan B - John Mullins and Randy Komisar

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This work offers a summary of the book "GETTING TO PLAN B: Breaking Through to a Better Business Model" by John Mullins and Randy Komisar. Lots of companies start with one business plan in mind (their Plan A) but end up being successful doing something entirely different (applying a Plan B or a Plan C). With this in mind, don´t wait until you´re almost broke to get around to developing your Plan B. According to John Mullins and Randy Komisar, you need to speed up the process of discovery. In fact, even before you put pen to paper to write your business plan, stress test the five key components of your proposed business model and get them right first. Then you can write a business plan that works (a Plan B style plan) rather than something which looks promising but has no basis in reality (a Plan A)."We´d like to see your venture turn out to be one of the standouts, one that promises - with evidence and, ultimately, performance, to back up your promises - the kind of economic and social returns that entrepreneurs are so capable of delivering worldwide. Let´s get on with our journey."Filled with real-life examples and useful tips, Getting to Plan B is the guide you need if you are willing to build a successful business.

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