Summary: How I Made My First Million on the Internet - Ewen Chia

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This work offers a summary of the book "HOW I MADE MY FIRST MILLION ON THE INTERNET...And How You Can Too!" by Ewen Chia.
The Internet, though an extraordinarily powerful marketing machine, should be approached in the same way as real life business models. Ewen Chia explains the five business principles: 1. Find your market. 2. Create an offer. 3. Drive traffic to your offer. 4. Exploit the back end. 5. Duplicate.
Chia suggests how to apply these measures to Internet marketing. Never go into a completely cold market, for example, but target a niche within a market that already exists. A profitable market will have the following online features: popular sellers on eBay/Amazon, they will be present on trend watchers such as, the business keywords will rate highly on search engines. Relationships are especially important in online marketing: people receive so many spam offers they want to be able to trust you before buying. Focus on the problem your product solves, rather than the product itself. When people contact you, be swift in your reply, even if that means they get an autoresponder first.
As you see from this small section, Chia´s approach follows commonsense business strategies already proved successful by good companies everywhere. However, he takes the model and helps the reader apply it to the Internet marketplace, step-by-step.

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