100 Quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Fyodor Dostoyevsky is one of the greatest Russian writers that ever lived. His works continue to influence writers and philosophers to this day.

After becoming a second lieutenant, he resigned from the army in 1859 and committed himself completely to writing. He became an admired writer after the publication of 'Crime and Punishment' (1866) and 'The Idiot' (1869). The author's final book was also his opus magnus. 'The Brothers Karamazov' was serialised in the periodical 'Russkiy Vestnik' between January 1879 and November 1880. Dostoyevsky died of a pulmonary haemorrhage three months later in February 1881.

These 100 quotations aim to give the listener access to his monumental work through a selection of his most outstanding thoughts, in a format accessible to all. A quotation is more than an extract from a statement, it can be a witticism, a summary of complex thought, a maxim or an opening to a deeper reflection.

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Fiodor Dostoïevski

  • Naissance : 30-10-1821
  • Décès :28-1-1881 (Mort il y a 142 ans à l'âge de 60 ans)

Né à Moscou le 30 octobre 1821, Fédor Mikhaïlovitch Dostoïevski est entré en littérature en janvier 1846 avec Les Pauvres Gens. Il est mort à Saint-Pétersbourg le 28 janvier 1881.
Toute son œuvre romanesque est désormais disponible dans la collection "Thesaurus" dans la traduction d'André Markowicz.