Anglais Abraham Poincheval (English edition)

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Abraham Poincheval is an insatiable explorer. Whether by crossing the Alps while pushing a capsule he used as his shelter, or by enclosing himself for a week in a rock, his-itinerant or static-expeditions require total physical commitment. The inhabitable sculptures which the artist conceives are laboratories allowing him to experience time, enclosure or immobility. They are the envelope that hosts the performer, an object that disturbs the landscape, and which exists through word of mouth. Abraham Poincheval's two new performances at the Palais de Tokyo lead him to experience the temporalities of the animal and the mineral kingdoms.

Book Contents
- "Abraham Poincheval, Humanity in Suspension" an essay by Thomas Schlesser
- "Living in the Heart of Things": interview between Abraham Poincheval and Adélaïde Blanc

About the authors
- Thomas Schlesser is the director of the Fondation Hartung-Bergman (Antibes) and he teaches at the École Polytechnique (Palaiseau). He is the author of L'Univers sans l'homme - les arts contre l'anthropocentrisme (1755-2016) (Paris: Hazan, 2016).
- Adélaïde Blanc is the coordinator of the artistic department at the Palais de Tokyo. She curated Abraham Poincheval's solo show.

A book published on the occasion of Abraham Poincheval's solo show at the Palais de Tokyo, 03.02 - 08.05 2017

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