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Welcome to the Orsay, a former train station turned into a sumptuous museum. It is from here that Christos Markogiannakis invites you to embark on a very special journey–;a journey through history and mythology, crossing paths with mass murderers, stalkers, cursed families, cannibals and serial killers. Murder is present on every floor, in every corner, exposing itself through numerous masterpieces as a gruesome form of art!

Applying the principles of criminology and art history,
The Orsay Murder Club investigates and interprets a choice of some 30 works of art through a "criminartistic' lens. Created by prestigious artists such as Moreau, Cézanne, Carpeaux and Rodin, they all have a thing in common: they represent murder.

Each work will be treated as a crime scene and will lead to a fascinating investigation inspired by the principles of legal and forensic experts. Into what category does the murder fall? What are the factual and historical issues? Who are the victims? What portrait can be drawn of the perpetrator(s)? What is their profile, their background, their motive? Reaching our final destination–;the truth–;will depend on the often unexpected answers found for these questions.

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Christos Markogiannakis

  • Country : Grece
  • Langue : Anglais

Né en Grèce, Christos Markogiannakis est un auteur de romans policiers mêlant l'art et le crime. Après avoir étudié le droit et la criminologie à Athènes et à Paris, il a travaillé pendant plusieurs années comme avocat pénaliste. Il est déjà l'auteur de plusieurs ouvrages, traduits en français, Scènes de crime au Louvre et Scènes de crime à Orsay dans lesquels il analyse la représentation du crime dans les tableaux de ces deux musées. Il est également l'auteur de deux romans policiers Au 5e étage de la faculté de droit (Albin Michel, 2018), Mourir en scène (Albin Michel, 2020).