Anglais The fishmonger's son

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Sebastian Mullet, the descendent of a long line of fishmongers, could have taken over his parents´ business.

Instead, he pursues his dream and makes it come true; he becomes Princess Virginia´s bodyguard. It´s just like a fairy tale.

He quickly wins her friendship and then her love, and soon they get married. Not only does the royal Daddy-in-law turn over a wing of the family castle to them, he also appoints Sebastian to the post of Vice-President In Charge of Water Quality at the Principality Oceanographic Museum (POM). Quite a promotion for Sebastian, and a well-deserved one. After all, fish are in his blood! The newlyweds are as happy as two goldfish in a bowl and their tale might have ended there, except that one day...  

Categories : Jeunesse > Littérature Enfants

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