The Nature of a Crime

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'The Nature of a Crime' is the last collaborative work by Conrad and Ford, but most certainly not the least acclaimed. An insightful examination of human psychology that shines a glaring light on the murkiest depths of the psyche. The novel introduces a serene cast of characters that in reality suffer agonizing turmoil just beneath the surface, inundated by insatiable desires. With death and mortality as recurring themes, the characters pose critical and insightful questions to the meaning of life and free will. A fascinating read for those with philosophical interests.

Joseph Conrad's work and realist style went on to influence many noteworthy writers, including George Orwell, John le Carré and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) was a Polish-born author who left Poland in his teens to avoid enlistment in the Russian Army. He learned English aboard British ships and started writing in the language after settling in the UK. His most famous novel is `Heart of Darkness' (1899), which was inspired by his experiences on the open sea.

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