All Princesses Die Before Dawn


August 31st, 1997. In the bathroom of his suburban home, 8-year-old Lulu is trying on his mom's lipstick. He dreams of kissing his best friend, a neighborhood boy. Meanwhile, his teenage sister Cam covers her much-older boyfriend sneaking up to her bedroom by blasting the latest summer hits. In the kitchen, their mother is waiting for their father, who didn't come home last night. On TV, newscasters are announcing the death of Princess Diana. Three love stories, from budding desire to fading passion, play out within one family on a late summer's day-a day that will change all their lives forever.

Categories : Bandes dessinées / Comics / Mangas > Bandes dessinées > Romans graphiques

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    Quentin Zuttion

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    Europe Comics

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    Hors Collection Le Lombard

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