David Thomson

  • Depuis 2012, des centaines de Français sont partis rejoindre des groupes jihadistes en Syrie. Plus de 600 sont toujours sur place, près de 150 ont déjà été tués, mais au moins 250 ont choisi de rentrer. David Thomson a rencontré ces " revenants ".
    Bilel, Yassin, Zoubeir, Lena... Tous ont des profils différents. Certains sont revenus dégoûtés de la violence du champ de bataille syrien, voire des attentats qui ont endeuillé la France, et cherchent à se faire oublier, dans une liberté très surveillée. D'autres reviennent gravement blessés ou psychologiquement détruits. D'autres encore sont en prison, où leur regroupement pose de nouveaux problèmes qui semblent aujourd'hui insolubles. Certains, enfin, sont de retour pour continuer le jihad sur notre sol.
    Dans le plus grand secret, David Thomson a recueilli leurs témoignages. Il y a urgence.
    Journaliste à Radio France Internationale (RFI), David Thomson travaille sur le jihadisme depuis une dizaine d'années. Il a déjà publié Les Français jihadistes (Les Arènes, 2014), dont le retentissement a été considérable.

  • Les Français jihadistes

    David Thomson

    • Les arènes
    • 20 August 2014

    Ce livre raconte l'histoire des petits soldats du jihad français, ces adolescents qui ont appris l'islam jihadiste sur Internet, loin des mosquées et à l'insu de leurs parents. Au début de 2014, selon les chiffres officiels, 700 Français ont rejoint la Syrie, souvent en famille, 250 sont au combat. Une vingtaine sont morts dont trois en réalisant une opération suicide. Les plus déterminés d'entre eux disent vouloir revenir un jour frapper le sol français.

  • Anglais The People Of The Sea

    David Thomson

    • Canongate books digital
    • 1 July 2010

    Introduced by Seamus Heaney.

    David Thomson?s travels in the Gaelic world of the Hebrides and the west coast of Ireland brought him into contact with a people whose association with the sea and its fertile lore runs deep. They told of men rescued by seals in stormy seas, of babies suckled by seal-mothers, and of men who took seal-women for wives ? stories centuries old, handed down to them by their forefathers.

    These mysterious and fascinating legends retain their spell-binding enchantment through the luminous quality of David Thomson?s prose. From an early age, he was fascinated by the mysterious interaction between man and the sea. In the Selkie legends he found the perfect expression of a Celtic world where truth and fiction intertwine, and his book is a window onto that vanished world.

    ?The People of the Sea survives not as a period piece but as a poetic achievement . . . readers will be carried away on successive waves of pleasure . . . these stories have an irresistible holistic beauty.? Seamus Heaney

    ?A splendid resurrection of a life that has almost vanished.? Daily Telegraph

    ?I know of few books which so ably open a window on the Gaelic scene today or which so faithfully reflect the mind, vigour and courtesy of its people . . . Pounds on the imagination like surf on a reef.? Observer

  • Anglais The New Biographical Dictionary Of Film 5Th Ed

    David Thomson

    • Little brown book group digital
    • 4 November 2010

    This book is both more and less than history, a work of imagination in its own right, a piece of movie literature that turns fact into romance.' Gavin Lambert was reviewing the first edition of David Thomson's monumental work in 1975. In the eight years since the third edition was published, careers have waxed and waned, reputations been made and lost, great movies produced, trends set and scorned.
    This fourth edition has 200 entirely new entries and every original entry has been re-examined. Thus the roster of directors, actors, producers, screenwriters and cameramen is both historical and contemporary, with old masters reappraised in terms of how their work has lasted.
    Each of the 1,000 profiles is a keenly perceptive, provocative critical essay. Striking the perfect balance between personal bias and factual reliability, David Thomson - novelist, critic, biographer and unabashed film addict - has given us an enormously rich reference book, a brilliant reflection on the art and artists of the cinema.

  • Anglais The Big Screen

    David Thomson

    • Penguin books ltd digital
    • 11 October 2012

    In this triumphant work David Thomson, one of film's greatest living experts and author of The New Biographical Dictionary of Film, tells the enthralling story of the movies and how they have shaped us.Sunday Times, New Statesman, The Times, Guardian, Observer and Independent BOOKS OF THE YEARTaking us around the globe, through time and across multiple media, Thomson tracks the ways in which we were initially enchanted by this mesmerizing imitation of life and let movies - the stories, the stars, the look - show us how to live. But at the same time he shows us how movies, offering a seductive escape from the everyday reality and its responsibilities, have made it possible for us to evade life altogether. The entranced audience has become a model for powerless citizens trying to pursue happiness by sitting quietly in a dark room. Does the big screen take us out into the world, or merely mesmerize us? That is Thomson's question in this great adventure of a book. A passionate feat of storytelling that is vital to anyone trying to make sense of the age of screens - the age that, more than ever, we are living in.

  • Anglais Nicole Kidman

    David Thomson

    • Knopf doubleday publishing group digital
    • 10 December 2008

    From the brilliant film historian and critic David Thomson, a book that reinvents the star biography in a singularly illuminating portrait of Nicole Kidman--and what it means to be a top actress today. At once life story, love letter, and critical analysis, this is not merely a book about who Kidman is but about what she is--in our culture and in our minds, on- and offscreen.
    Tall, Australian, one of the striking beauties of the world, Nicole Kidman is that rare modern phenomenon--an authentic movie star who is as happy and as creative throwing a seductive gaze from some magazine cover as she is being Virginia Woolf in The Hours. Here is the story of how this actress began her career, has grown through her roles, taken risks, made good choices and bad, and worried about money, aging, and image.
    Here are the details of an actress’s life: her performances in To Die For, The Portrait of a Lady, Eyes Wide Shut, Moulin Rouge!, The Hours, and Birth, among other films; her high-visibility marriage to Tom Cruise; her intense working relationship with Stanley Kubrick and her collaborations with Anthony Minghella and Baz Luhrmann; her work with Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins, Renée Zellweger, and John Malkovich; her decisions concerning nudity, endorsements, and publicity.
    And here are Thomson’s scintillating considerations of what celebrity means in the life of an actress like Kidman; of how the screen becomes both barrier and open sesame for her and for her audience; of what is required today of an actress of Kidman’s stature if she is to remain vital to the industry and to the audiences who made her a prime celebrity.
    Impassioned, opinionated, dazzlingly original in its approach and ideas, Nicole Kidman is as alluring and as much fun as Nicole Kidman herself, and David Thomson’s most remarkable book yet.

  • Anglais The New Biographical Dictionary Of Film 6th Edition

    David Thomson

    • Little brown book group digital
    • 13 November 2014

    With more than one hundred new entries, from Amy Adams, Benedict Cumberbatch and Cary Joji Fukunaga to Joaquin Phoenix, Mia Wasikowska and Robin Wright, and completely updated, here from David Thomson - 'The greatest living writer on the movies' (John Banville, New Statesman); 'Our most argumentative and trustworthy historian of the screen' (Michael Ondaatje) - is the latest edition of The New Biographical Dictionary of Film, which topped Sight & Sound's poll of international critics and writers as THE BEST FILM BOOK EVER WRITTEN.

  • Anglais The New Biographical Dictionary of Film

    David Thomson

    • Knopf doubleday publishing group digital
    • 6 May 2014

    For almost thirty years, David Thomson's Biographical Dictionary of Film has been not merely "the finest reference book ever written about movies" (Graham Fuller, Interview), not merely the "desert island book" of art critic David Sylvester, not merely "a great, crazy masterpiece" (Geoff Dyer, The Guardian), but also "fiendishly seductive" (Greil Marcus, Rolling Stone).
    This new edition updates the older entries and adds 30 new ones: Darren Aronofsky, Emmanuelle Beart, Jerry Bruckheimer, Larry Clark, Jennifer Connelly, Chris Cooper, Sofia Coppola, Alfonso Cuaron, Richard Curtis, Sir Richard Eyre, Sir Michael Gambon, Christopher Guest, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Spike Jonze, Wong Kar-Wai, Laura Linney, Tobey Maguire, Michael Moore, Samantha Morton, Mike Myers, Christopher Nolan, Dennis Price, Adam Sandler, Kevin Smith, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlize Theron, Larry Wachowski and Andy Wachowski, Lew Wasserman, Naomi Watts, and Ray Winstone.
    In all, the book includes more than 1300 entries, some of them just a pungent paragraph, some of them several thousand words long. In addition to the new "musts," Thomson has added key figures from film history-lively anatomies of Graham Greene, Eddie Cantor, Pauline Kael, Abbott and Costello, Noël Coward, Hoagy Carmichael, Dorothy Gish, Rin Tin Tin, and more.
    Here is a great, rare book, one that encompasses the chaos of art, entertainment, money, vulgarity, and nonsense that we call the movies. Personal, opinionated, funny, daring, provocative, and passionate, it is the one book that every filmmaker and film buff must own. Time Out named it one of the ten best books of the 1990s. Gavin Lambert recognized it as "a work of imagination in its own right." Now better than ever-a masterwork by the man playwright David Hare called "the most stimulating and thoughtful film critic now writing."

  • Anglais Try to Tell the Story

    David Thomson

    • Knopf doubleday publishing group digital
    • 3 February 2009

    David Thomson, one of our most celebrated film writers, gives us a haunting, fascinating memoir about growing up as an only child in wartime England. He was born in London in the aftermath of the war, where he was raised by his mother, grandmother, and upstairs tenant, Miss Davis. He remembers how his grandmother brought him to a street corner to see Churchill and how the bombed-out houses that still smelled of smoke became his playground. We see Thomson attempt to overcome his profound sadness at being abandonded by his cold and distant father by finding solace in the cinema houses. Movies became his great escape, and the worlds revealed in Red River, The Third Man, and Citizen Kane helped to alleviate his loneliness and bolster his rich imaginative life.
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Anglais Humphrey Bogart (Great Stars)

    David Thomson

    • Penguin books ltd digital
    • 27 August 2009

    'Look, I'm hardly pretty, he seems to say. I sound like gravel; I look rough and tough; and, honest, I don't give you the soft, foolish answers the pretty boys will give you. You may not like what I say, but you better believe it.'He became a legend as 'Bogie', the world-weary, wise-cracking outsider, but in reality Humphrey Bogart was plagued by doubts and demons. He was born upper-class yet made his name playing mavericks, drank with the rat pack and met four wives on set - including his great love, Lauren Bacall - yet always mistrusted stardom. Here David Thomson, one of film's most provocative writers, reveals the man behind cinema's greatest icon.

  • Anglais Gary Cooper (Great Stars)

    David Thomson

    • Penguin books ltd digital
    • 27 August 2009

    'Cooper was heroic, of course, in his own mind as much as in his scripts. He was manly, tall, ruggedly handsome. He was a man for a fight.'On screen he was the ultimate all-American hero: lean, laconic and masculine, a lone sheriff battling his enemies in High Noon, or a tough individualist in The Fountainhead. Off screen he bedded a host of leading ladies and carefully honed his image, making hundreds of movies and winning two Oscars in the process. Acclaimed film writer David Thomson explores the career and the contradictions of 'Coop', the star who lived the dream in the golden age of Hollywood.

  • Anglais Bette Davis (Great Stars)

    David Thomson

    • Penguin books ltd digital
    • 27 August 2009

    'She could look demure while behaving like an empress. Blonde, with eyes like pearls too big for her head, she was very striking, but marginally pretty and certainly not beautiful ... But it was her edge that made her memorable - her upstart superiority, her reluctance to pretend deference to others.'Bette Davis was the commanding figure of the great era of Hollywood stardom, with a drive and energy that put her contemporaries in the shade. She played queens, jezebels and bitches, she could out-talk any male co-star, she warred with her studio, Warner Bros, worked like a demon, got through four husbands, was nominated for seven Oscars and - no matter what - never gave up fighting. This is her story.

  • Anglais The Moment of Psycho

    David Thomson

    • Basic books
    • 24 November 2009

    It was made like a television movie, and completed in less than three months. It killed off its star in forty minutes. There was no happy ending. And it offered the most violent scene to date in American film, punctuated by shrieking strings that seared the national consciousness. Nothing like Psycho had existed before; the movie industry--even America itself--would never be the same.In The Moment of Psycho, film critic David Thomson situates Psycho in Alfred Hitchcock’s career, recreating the mood and time when the seminal film erupted onto film screens worldwide. Thomson shows that Psycho was not just a sensation in film: it altered the very nature of our desires. Sex, violence, and horror took on new life. Psycho, all of a sudden, represented all America wanted from a film--and, as Thomson brilliantly demonstrates, still does.

  • Anglais Sleeping with Strangers

    David Thomson

    • Knopf doubleday publishing group digital
    • 29 January 2019
  • Anglais A Light in the Dark

    David Thomson

    • Knopf doubleday publishing group digital
    • 23 March 2021
  • The Returned

    David Thomson

    • Polity
    • 22 June 2018

    Since 2012, hundreds of men and women have left Western countries to join jihadist groups fighting in Syria. Many are still there, many have been killed, but some have chosen to return to their countries of origin. French Journalist David Thomson met some of those who came back. Bilel, Yassin, Zoubeir, Lena, each has a different profile and story. Some have returned disgusted by the violence of the Syrian battlefields, or the terrorist attacks that have struck across Europe; they try to become forgotten, living under extreme surveillance. Others return seriously wounded or psychologically destroyed. Others still are in jail, a breeding ground for broader radicalization. And some have come back to continue to carry out jihad in Europe. In utmost secrecy, David Thomson gathered their testimonies and recounts them in this remarkable and revealing book.
    With ISIS losing ground on all fronts, the steady flow of jihadists returning to Europe represents one of the greatest challenges facing countries across the continent. This nuanced analysis of the social, religious, political, familial and psychological factors that push people to violent extremism is more necessary now than ever. It will be essential reading for all those seeking to understand how we might address this threat.

  • Anglais "Have You Seen "

    Thomson David

    • Knopf doubleday publishing group digital
    • 14 October 2008

    In 1975, David Thomson published his Biographical Dictionary of Film, and few film books have enjoyed better press or such steady sales.
    Now, thirty-three years later, we have the companion volume, a second book of more than 1,000 pages in one voice--that of our most provocative contemporary film critic and historian.
    Juxtaposing the fanciful and the fabulous, the old favorites and the forgotten, this sweeping collection presents the films that Thomson offers in response to the question he gets asked most often--"What should I see?" This new book is a generous history of film and an enticing critical appraisal written with as much humor and passion as historical knowledge. Not content to choose his own top films (though they are here), Thomson has created a list that will surprise and delight you--and send you to your best movie rental service.
    But he also probes the question: after one hundred years of film, which ones are the best, and why?
    "Have You Seen . . . ?" suggests a true canon of cinema and one that's almost completely accessible now, thanks to DVDs. This book is a must for anyone who loves the silver screen: the perfect confection to dip into at any point for a taste of controversy, little-known facts, and ideas about what to see. This is a volume you'll want to return to again and again, like a dear but argumentative friend in the dark at the movies.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • Anglais Ingrid Bergman (Great Stars)

    Thomson David

    • Penguin adult digital
    • 27 August 2009

    'Ingrid Bergman was far more than just a sweet, virtuous, 'natural' Swedish girl - she was a dark sensualist over whom many men might go mad. Her very gaze delivered a climate of adult romantic expectation.'

    Adored by millions for her luminous beauty and elegance, at the height of her career Ingrid Bergman commanded a love that has hardly ever been matched, until her marriage fell apart and created an international scandal. Here renowned film writer David Thomson gives his own unique and original take on a woman who was constantly driven by her passions and by her need to act, even if it meant sacrificing everything.

  • Anglais Suspects

    Thomson David

    • No exit press digital
    • 25 July 2014

    Noah Cross, Norma Desmond, Norman Bates, Harry Lime – these are a few of nearly a hundred names that inhabit the mind of the narrator as he starts to compose short biographies of some of the most famous characters in the history of film noir. He sketches in whole lives, lives as intense as the dreams put up on the screen. Then these characters start to meet each other outside the films as if they were real people with real needs and passions. The book is becoming a novel. The names and faces are familiar to us - Jake Gittes from Chinatown, Laura Hunt and Waldo Lydecker from Laura Rick and Ilsa from Casablanca – but is it true that Noah Cross and Norma Desmond were lovers in the twenties, that she and Joe Gillis had a son who grew up to be Julian Kay in American Gigolo? For the narrator is not merely the author. Married to the sister of Laura Hunt, he has a mission to carry out, a lost family link to find, a thread to pull so that nearly all these disparate characters come together to form a kind of society. Suspects is the most inspired of commentaries on film noir and the forms of Hollywood story-telling. It is in its way a biographical dictionary, but it is also a dazzlingly original work of fiction, so full of America, of an old man's dread of loss and failure, and of a simultaneous love and rage for these movies that you may find its impossible world as real and as touching as any you have ever inhabited. Ultimately an examination on how movies affect the way we think and how film not only shapes our perceptions and our memories but in some ways comes to stand in for them, Suspects can be read as an unsettling examination of identity and the construction of self through the medium of narratives, or simply as a fascinating take on movie fandom. Either way, it's fabulous.

  • Practical strategies to propel your company to the top American business is entering unchartered territory. Recent trends suggest that we are moving out of a recession-fairly labeled The Great Recession-into a recovery phase characterized by high unemployment with growth. As such, the business road ahead will be challenging. Growth will be harder to achieve and business failure will be more prevalent. But the best of America's growth businesses will pass through this cycle to experience renewed and hopeful growth in contrast to the high failure rate of those who fail to grow. The numbers are proving this to be the extreme case-a higher upside with a greater failure rate. What are America's recession-proof, highest growth companies doing differently? What are the values, fundamentals, and actions that will make the difference between failure, or just surviving and thriving? The answer to these questions is, what Thomson calls, The 7 Essentials-value proposition, high growth market segment, marquee customers, big brother alliances, exponential returns, inside/outside leadership, and essential board experts. This book is the timely answer to the search for what it will take to propel a company's growth through these challenging times. It's for management teams of any business, independent of size or industry, which desires to identify a course of action to improve their opportunities to grow. "Applying the 7 Essentials will improve your company's growth prospects," says author David Thomson. Growth companies are especially defined by their ability to grow through recession and recovery periods to become the new growth leaders. The case studies and the numbers in this book prove it. This reliable resource extends the insights from Thomson's bestselling book, Blueprint to a Billion: 7 Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth to apply the 7 Essentials to all companies. Thomson is known as America's growth expert on what it takes to transform a small business into a billion dollar one. He has been recognized by Investors Business Daily as the "Guru for Uncovering the Blueprint for Sizzling Growth Companies." Offers busy professionals essential insights that will move their business or business unit beyond surviving and into thriving now and in the future Written by an expert on how companies achieve growth in challenging markets Contains key CEO interviews and quick case studies and is supported by on-line scoring tools to help teams apply the 7 Essentials Economic weakness has not changed the need for companies to grow. This book provides you with a proven framework to overcome such challenges and thrive in today's challenging business environment.

  • Blueprint to a Billion

    David G. Thomson

    • Wiley
    • 8 December 2010

    Praise for BLUEPRINT TO A BILLION "A wonderful, well thought out analysis of entrepreneurship and leadership of a growth company."
    -Howard Lester, Chairman, Williams-Sonoma, Inc. "If you dream about growing your business to a billion, this is a fascinating down-to-earth study that you must read. Apply the seven essential principles to your business and you are off and running. Learn about strategy, growth, leadership, team building, and a whole lot more."
    -Joe Scarlett, Chairman of the Board, Tractor Supply Company "Blueprint to a Billion is a well-researched and thoughtfully written book that quantifies the growth pattern of America's highest growth companies."
    -Professor John Quelch, Senior Associate Dean, Harvard Business School "Eighty percent of the top-performing stocks in the last twenty years were small entrepreneurial companies that had an IPO in the prior eight years. Blueprint to a Billion tells you the seven key things these innovators did in common to become America's greatest growth companies."
    -William J. O'Neil, Chairman and Founder Investor's Business Daily, www.investors.com "Thomson has written a masterful work that will catalyze, empower, inspire, motivate, and illuminate entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers. The world needs this book and will profit from it in manifold ways."
    -David M. Darst, Managing Director, Individual Investor Group Chief Investment Strategist, Morgan Stanley

  • Population Dynamics - Growth, Density-Dependence and Decomposing ?.- Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Inference About Population Growth.- Assessing Density-Dependence: Where Are We Left?.- The Efficient Semiparametric Regression Modeling of Capture-Recapture Data: Assessing the Impact of Climate on Survival of Two Antarctic Seabird Species.- Multivariate State Space Modelling of Bird Migration Count Data.- Evolutionary Ecology.- Contribution of Capture-Mark-Recapture Modeling to Studies of Evolution by Natural Selection.- Application of Capture-Recapture to Addressing Questions in Evolutionary Ecology.- Estimating Reproductive Costs with Multi-State Mark-Recapture Models, Multiple Observable States, and Temporary Emigration.- Estimating Latent Time of Maturation and Survival Costs of Reproduction in Continuous Time from Capture-Recapture Data.- Abundance Estimation - Direct Methods, Proxies, Occupancy Models and Point Count Data.- Inferences About Landbird Abundance from Count Data: Recent Advances and Future Directions.- Sources of Measurement Error, Misclassification Error, and Bias in Auditory Avian Point Count Data.- Density Estimation by Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture: Likelihood-Based Methods.- A Generalized Mixed Effects Model of Abundance for Mark-Resight Data When Sampling is Without Replacement.- Evaluation of the Linkage Disequilibrium Method for Estimating Effective Population Size.- Dispersal, Movement and Migration - Methods and Multi-State Models.- Migration and Movement - The Next Stage.- Stopover Duration Analysis with Departure Probability Dependent on Unknown Time Since Arrival.- Habitat Selection, Age-Specific Recruitment and Reproductive Success in a Long-Lived Seabird.- Cubic Splines for Estimating the Distribution of Residence Time Using Individual Resightings Data.- Detecting Invisible Migrants: An Application of Genetic Methods to Estimate Migration Rates.- Wildlife and Conservation Management.- Stochastic Variation in Avian Survival Rates: Life-History Predictions, Population Consequences, and the Potential Responses to Human Perturbations and Climate Change.- Filling a Void: Abundance Estimation of North American Populations of Arctic Geese Using Hunter Recoveries.- Integration of Demographic Analyses and Decision Modeling in Support of Management of Invasive Monk Parakeets, an Urban and Agricultural Pest.- Combing Sources of Information - Kalman Filters, Matrix Methods and Joint Likelihoods.- Completing the Ecological Jigsaw.- Using a State-Space Model of the British Song Thrush Turdus philomelos Population to Diagnose the Causes of a Population Decline.- A Hierarchical Covariate Model for Detection, Availability and Abundance of Florida Manatees at a Warm Water Aggregation Site.- An Integrated Analysis of Multisite Recruitment, Mark-Recapture-Recovery and Multisite Census Data.- Bayesian Applications - Advances, Random Effects and Hierarchical Models.- Bayes Factors and Multimodel Inference.- Estimating Demographic Parameters from Complex Data Sets: A Comparison of Bayesian Hierarchical and Maximum-Likelihood Methods for Estimating Survival Probabilities of Tawny Owls, Strix aluco in Finland.- Inference About Species Richness and Community Structure Using Species-Specific Occupancy Models in the National Swiss Breeding Bird Survey MHB.- Time-Varying Covariates and Semi-Parametric Regression in Capture-Recapture: An Adaptive Spline Approach.- A Further Step Toward the Mother-of-All-Models: Flexibility and Functionality in the Modeling of Capture-Recapture Data.- The Robust Design - Sampling, Applications and Advances.- Exploring Extensions to Multi-State Models with Multiple Unobservable States.- Extending the Robust Design for DNA-Based Capture-Recapture Data Incorporating Genotyping Error and Laboratory Data.- A Traditional and a Less-Invasive Robust Design: Choices in Optimizing Effort Allocation for Seabird Population Studies.- Non-random Temporary Emigration and the Robust Design: Conditions for Bias at the End of a Time Series.- State Uncertainty - Assignmant Error and Unobservable States.- One Size Does Not Fit All: Adapting Mark-Recapture and Occupancy Models for State Uncertainty.- The Stakes of Capture-Recapture Models with State Uncertainty.- Rank and Redundancy of Multistate Mark-Recapture Models for Seabird Populations with Unobservable States.- Mark-Recapture Jolly-Seber Abundance Estimation with Classification Uncertainty.- Program E-Surge: A Software Application for Fitting Multievent Models.- Estimation of Lifetime Reproductive Success When Reproductive Status Cannot Always Be Assessed.- New Software Developments for Modeling Demographic Processes.- WinBUGS for Population Ecologists: Bayesian Modeling Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods.- Comparison of Fixed Effect, Random Effect, and Hierarchical Bayes Estimators for Mark Recapture Data Using AD Model Builder.- Open Forum.- On Adjusting for Missed Visits in the Indexing of Abundance from "Constant Effort" Ringing.- Simulation Performance of Bayesian Estimators of Abundance Employing Age-at-Harvest and Mark-Recovery Data.- A Spatial Model for Estimating Mortality Rates, Abundance and Movement Probabilities from Fishery Tag-Recovery Data.- Gaussian Semiparametric Analysis Using Hierarchical Predictive Models.- Effect of Senescence on Estimation of Survival Probability When Age Is Unknown.- Weak Identifiability in Models for Mark-Recapture-Recovery Data.- Estimating N: A Robust Approach to Capture Heterogeneity.- Evaluation of Bias, Precision and Accuracy of Mortality Cause Proportion Estimators from Ring Recovery Data.- Standardising Terminology and Notation for the Analysis of Demographic Processes in Marked Populations.- Estimating the Seasonal Distribution of Migrant Bird Species: Can Standard Ringing Data Be Used?.- Evaluation of a Bayesian MCMC Random Effects Inference Methodology for Capture-Mark-Recapture Data.- On Adjusting for Missed Visits in the Indexing of Abundance from "Constant Effort" Ringing.- Simulation Performance of Bayesian Estimators of Abundance Employing Age-at-Harvest and Mark-Recovery Data.