Erez Dekel

  • This book comprehensively discusses
    essential aspects of terminal ballistics, combining experimental data,
    numerical simulations and analytical modeling. Employing a unique approach to
    numerical simulations as a measure of sensitivity for the major physical
    parameters, the new edition also includes the following features: new figures
    to better illustrate the problems discussed; improved explanations for the
    equation of state of a solid and for the cavity expansion process; new data
    concerning the Kolsky bar test; and a discussion of analytical modeling for the
    hole diameter in a thin metallic plate impacted by a shaped charge jet. The
    section on thick concrete targets penetrated by rigid projectiles has now been
    expanded to include the latest findings, and two new sections have been added:
    /> one on a novel approach to the perforation of thin concrete slabs, and one on
    testing the failure of thin metallic plates using a hydrodynamic ram.