Joao P. T. Pereira

  • This book presents the latest knowledge on the still under-researched field of academic tourism, which over the past decade has gained in importance at local and national economic levels as a result of increasing international mobility of students and academic staff in higher education. A wide range of themes are explored from various perspectives, with the focus on Europe. Particular attention is paid to academic tourism demand, expenditure, and economic impact; the relationships between academic tourism and local and regional development, sustainable development, and environmental sustainability; and the importance of academic tourism for the internationalization of higher education and international cooperation and development. Further topics to be considered include the significance of academic tourism for the dynamics of tourism destinations and insights from experimental tourism research. In addition to theoretical chapters and state of the art reviews, readers will find insightful empirical and case studies. The book will be of interest to academics, researchers, students, and practitioners, including policy makers.

  • This book focuses on the emerging additive manufacturing technology and its applications beyond state-of-the-art, fibre-reinforced thermoplastics. It also discusses the development of a hybrid, integrated process that combines additive and subtractive operations in a single-step platform, allowing CAD-to-Part production with freeform shapes using long or continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics. The book covers the entire value chain of this next-generation technology, from part design and materials composition to transformation stages, product evaluation, and end-of-life studies.

    Moreover, it addresses the following engineering issues:

    o Design rules for hybrid additive manufacturing;

    o Thermoplastic compounds for high-temperature and -strength applications;

    o Advanced extrusion heads and process concepts;

    o Hybridisation strategies;

    o Software ecosystems for hAM design, pre-processing, process planning, emulating and multi-axis processing;

    o 3D path generators for hAM based on a multi-objective optimisation algorithm that matches the recent curved adaptive slicing method with a new transversal scheme;

    o hAM parameters, real-time monitoring and closed-loop control;

    o Multiparametric nondestructive testing (NDT) tools customised for FRTP AM parts;

    o Sustainable manufacturing processes validated by advanced LCA/LCC models.