Luis Miguel Oliveira

  • Ce livre analyse les changements apportés mondialement dans l'organisation scolaire et la profession enseignante, et la manière dont celle-ci a subi les contrecoups des politiques d'éducation promouvant l'évaluation et la reddition de comptes. Il décrit certaines transformations survenues dans les postes, les statuts et les profils professionnels, et caractérise, en les contextualisant, les conséquences des normes professionnelles qui structurent les pratiques d'enseignement et la gestion des établissements scolaires. Il comprend des données empiriques pertinentes sur la restructuration de la profession enseignante dans une ère de mondialisation, en offrant une vue d'ensemble et un regard critique sur les principales conclusions des recherches comparatives et des travaux menés dans divers pays. Ainsi, il ne s'adresse pas seulement aux chercheurs en éducation, mais également aux professionnels et aux décideurs du vaste milieu de l'enseignement et des politiques éducatives qui modèlent la profession enseignante au XXIe siècle.

  • This book presents regenerative strategies for the treatment of knee joint disabilities. The book  is composed of four main sections totaling 19 chapters which review the current knowledge on the clinical management and preclinical regenerative strategies. It examines the role of different natural-based biomaterials as scaffolds and implants for addressing different tissue lesions in the knee joint. Section one provides an updated and comprehensive discussion on articular cartilage tissue regeneration. Section two focuses on the important contributions for bone and osteochondral tissue engineering. Section three overview the recent advances on meniscus repair/regeneration strategies. Finally, section four further discusses the current strategies for treatment of ligament lesions. Each chapter is prepared by world know expert on their fields, so we do firmly believe that the proposed book will be a reference in the area of biomaterials for regenerative medicine.

  • This book demonstrates how to design a wideband receiver operating in current mode, in which the noise and non-linearity are reduced, implemented in a low cost single chip, using standard CMOS technology.  The authors present a solution to remove the transimpedance amplifier (TIA) block and connect directly the mixer's output to a passive second-order continuous-time S? analog to digital converter (ADC), which operates in current-mode. These techniques enable the reduction of area, power consumption, and cost in modern CMOS receivers.

  • This book focuses on the emerging additive manufacturing technology and its applications beyond state-of-the-art, fibre-reinforced thermoplastics. It also discusses the development of a hybrid, integrated process that combines additive and subtractive operations in a single-step platform, allowing CAD-to-Part production with freeform shapes using long or continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics. The book covers the entire value chain of this next-generation technology, from part design and materials composition to transformation stages, product evaluation, and end-of-life studies.

    Moreover, it addresses the following engineering issues:

    o Design rules for hybrid additive manufacturing;

    o Thermoplastic compounds for high-temperature and -strength applications;

    o Advanced extrusion heads and process concepts;

    o Hybridisation strategies;

    o Software ecosystems for hAM design, pre-processing, process planning, emulating and multi-axis processing;

    o 3D path generators for hAM based on a multi-objective optimisation algorithm that matches the recent curved adaptive slicing method with a new transversal scheme;

    o hAM parameters, real-time monitoring and closed-loop control;

    o Multiparametric nondestructive testing (NDT) tools customised for FRTP AM parts;

    o Sustainable manufacturing processes validated by advanced LCA/LCC models.