Mons Kallentoft

  • Dans la forêt de Lund en Suède, des femmes sont torturées et demeurent muettes à jamais. A quelques pas de là, Malin, désormais sobre et apaisée, est censée se reposer dans la famille de son compagnon, Peter. Mais les victimes sans parole ne peuvent être abandonnées. Malin traque les coupables et s'approche au plus près du Mal. Les quatre saisons ont désormais une soeur : la saison du cauchemar.

  • LA 6e ENQUÊTE DE MALIN FORS« L'une des héroïnes les plus convaincantes qui soient nées d'une plume masculine. » The GuardianPatrick et Cecilia Andergren sont retrouvés assassinés dans le jacuzzi de leur villa cossue de Linköping. Ella, cinq ans, leur fille adoptive, a disparu. Aussitôt, la police pense à l'enlèvement... mais il y a aussi le fleuve tout proche. Malin Fors, consciente qu'après la grave blessure dont elle a été victime en service elle ne pourra sans doute plus avoir d'enfant, prend l'affaire particulièrement à coeur. Faut-il chercher du côté de la soeur de Cecilia - les deux femmes étaient en conflit ouvert- ou plutôt du côté des agences d'adoption, qui ne semblent pas au-dessus de tout soupçon ? Alors que la tension monte - où est passée Ella? -, Malin Fors dirige l'enquête de la brigade criminelle avec opiniâtreté tout en luttant contre ses vieux démons : la tentation de l'alcool est d'autant plus forte que ses problèmes personnels semblent insolubles. Argent, maternité, adoption, racisme sont au coeur de ce roman poignant, placé sous le signe de l'eau.Né en 1968 à Linköping, Mons Kallentoft a d'abord été journaliste. Après Pesetas, lauréat du très estimé « Katapultpriset », il s'est lancé dans le polar avec Hiver, premier volume de la série « Malin Fors » : un best-seller. Les aventures de Malin Fors sont traduites dans plus de vingt-cinq pays.Traduit du suédois par Frédéric Fourreau

  • 'An investigation consists of a mass of voices, the sort you can hear, and the sort you can't. You have to listen to the soundless voices, Malin. That's where the truth is hidden.' The snow covered all the tracks, as the killer knew it would. But it couldn't hide the victim, the man who now hung naked from a lonely tree on a frozen plain.
    Malin Fors is first on the scene. A thirty-one-year-old single mother, Malin is the most talented and ambitious detective on the Linkoping police force, but also the most unpredictable. She must lead the investigation while keeping her fractured life on the rails.
    No one knows the identity of the dead man. Or perhaps no one ever wanted to know. When all the voices of the investigation have fallen silent, Malin can rely only on herself and her own instincts. And as she follows in the frigid wake of the killer, Malin begins to discover just how far the people in this small town are willing to go to keep their secrets buried.

  • The third novel in the internationally bestselling Malin Fors series of Swedish crime novels, the first of which, MIDWINTER SACRIFICE, was a Richard & Judy Bookclub selection. Perfect for fans of Scandinavian crime and the hit television series The Killing and The Bridge.

  • Winter was chilling. Summer will be brutal. Every season is perfect for murder.

  • The Swedish town of Linkã¶ping is bathed in Spring sunshine. The trees are blossoming and families are having breakfast at outdoor tables in the main square.
    Then a deafening explosion rips through the air.
    Broken glass and tulip petals cover the cobblestones, and two little girls, twin sisters, are killed while their mother is left fighting for her life.
    Detective Inspector Malin Fors has just attended her own mother's funeral when she is summoned to the devastating scene. But, although Malin is plagued with questions about her past and the secrets her mother never revealed, she must once again bury her own pain if she is to find Tuva and Mira Vigerã¶'s killer before he strikes again.

  • It's early May when a young family out on a forest walk stumble upon a heavily mutliated body. The female corpse is in eerily good condition, and signs of torture are all too visible.

    Inspector Malin Fors immediately draws parallels between this case and that of Maria Murvall, the young woman who was found raped and brutally beaten in the forest several years ago. Maria has been living as a mute in the local psychiatric hospital ever since the attack, and Malin is haunted by her inability to help her.

    In the course of her investigation, Malin meets with a psychologist who tells her about another similar case, and suddenly Maria appears to be a small piece of a much bigger puzzle. But what is it that is so terrible it can't be put into words?

    Malin is determined to find out the truth, no matter where it might take her.

  • A married couple is found dead in their jacuzzi. Their adopted five-year-old daughter has vanished. Inspector Malin Fors, the troubled but brilliant star of the Linkoping police force, is put in charge of the case.

    But this is a haunting mystery where the borders have been blurred: those between the living and the dead, between good and evil.

    Malin is only too aware of her own tendencies towards obsession and addiction. As the investigation takes a darker turn, forcing Malin to confront her own demons, will she hold out long enough to find the killer - and the missing girl - before it's too late?

  • Winter is chilling. Summer is brutal. But every season is perfect for murder.

    When it comes to solving crimes so gruesome that they make the darkest of nightmares look like cosy fairy tales, Detective Inspector Malin Fors is the one you want assigned to the case.

    But he brilliant but flawed star of the Linköping police force, is on the verge. She is on the verge of being addicted to Tequila, of becoming a workaholic, and she is always liable to lether strong emotions and repressed memories dictate her life.

    'One of the best realised female heroines I've read.' Guardian

  • Linköping's top detective, Malin Fors, is about to take on a case that's a little too close for comfort. Her daughter has just discovered a dead body. It is that of a 79-year-old resident at the nursing home where she works. He's been hanged by his own alarm cord. At first it looks like a straightforward suicide. But when the autopsy suggests foul play, Malin uncovers some disturbing rumours about the home's management and its millionaire owner. Was it a mercy killing, or was someone trying to silence the victim?Who could possibly benefit from the death of an elderly man? Only someone with a lot to gain - or a lot to lose...

  • From the internationally bestselling author Mons Kallentoft comes a dark and thrilling new Mali Fors mystery. If you love Jo Nesbo and Samuel Bjork, you'll love Mons Kallentoft.Praise for the Malin Fors series:'One of the best-realised female heroines I've read by a male writer.' Guardian'Kallentoft's books have been called beautiful, exquisite and original. I can see why.' Literary Review'This is a worthy successor to Larsson's Millennium trilogy.' Booklist Starred ReviewIn the early hours of the morning, the naked body of a young man is discovered in a ditch next to Gota Kanal. The cause of death is mysterious; the body bears no visible traces of violence.The man is soon identified as Peder Akerlund, a former Swedish politician, excluded from his party for racism but since reformed. Then sixteen-year-old Nadja Lundin is reported missing, possibly abducted, the same evening, and there are signs that suggest the two cases might be connected.But what do the victims have in common? And why were they chosen? Gradually, Malin Fors realises that they are dealing with someone who is playing a game with them, who speaks through murders and who will not be silenced. What is he or she trying to say? Desperate to fine Nadja alive, the team race against the clock to find an answer before it's too late...

  • Des adolescents, réunis sur une île pour fêter la Saint-Jean, sont retrouvés massacrés au petit matin. Les premières conclusions, étranges et terrifiantes, ne se font pas attendre : sous l'emprise d'une nouvelle drogue de synthèse hallucinogène, ils se sont entre-tués sauvagement.
    Pour l'inspecteur Zack Herry, enfin libéré de ses addictions et vivant un amour apaisé avec sa fiancée, il faut à tout prix découvrir qui fabrique cette drogue aux effets dévastateurs surnommée "Bambi", et éviter un nouveau carnage. Il ne se doute pas que cette enquête va bouleverser sa vie et le pousser aux portes de la folie.

  • Quatre masseuses thaïlandaises sont brutalement assassinées à Stockholm. Le corps d'une autre est retrouvé mutilé - les marques semblent indiquer qu'elle a été attaquée par un animal.

    Le jour, Zack Herry fait partie d'une unité chargée d'enquêter sur les affaires les plus diffi ciles. Comme celle-ci. La nuit, il fréquente les boîtes et consomme de la cocaïne, entre autres avec des gens qu'il pourrait aussi bien être en train d'interroger. Et il soulève les questions qui le conduiront peut-être à résoudre ces meurtres.

    Guerre de gangs pour le monopole de la prostitution ? Acte isolé d'un maniaque sexuel ? En proie à ses addictions, hanté par les fantômes du passé, Zack est pourtant bien décidé à résoudre cette affaire.

  • Une vidéo envoyée à la police de Stockholm montre un garçon terrorisé, enfermé dans une cage. Le kidnappeur apparaît en arrière-plan, couvert d'une peau de lion, sous une horloge qui marque inexorablement le compte à rebours avant la mise à mort.
    L'inspecteur Zack Herry sait qu'il n'y a pas une minute à perdre. Une première victime a été retrouvée quelques jours plus tôt, le corps lacéré et gelé. Mais Zack est en train de tout perdre : son combat contre ses addictions et la confiance de sa collègue Deniz. L'heure tourne, et les dilemmes s'accumulent pour l'inspecteur qui va devoir jouer - littéralement - sa vie à la roulette russe...