Saurabh Prasad

  • This book covers a range of basic and advanced topics in software engineering. The field has undergone several phases of change and improvement since its invention, and there is significant ongoing research in software development, addressing aspects such as analysis, design, testing and maintenance. Rather than focusing on a single aspect of software engineering, this book provides a systematic overview of recent techniques, including requirement gathering in the form of story points in agile software, and bio-inspired techniques for estimating the effort, cost, and time required for software development. As such it is a valuable resource for new researchers interested in advances in software engineering - particularly in the area of bio-inspired techniques.

  • This book reviews the state of the art in algorithmic approaches addressing the practical challenges that arise with hyperspectral image analysis tasks, with a focus on emerging trends in machine learning and image processing/understanding. It presents advances in deep learning, multiple instance learning, sparse representation based learning, low-dimensional manifold models, anomalous change detection, target recognition, sensor fusion and super-resolution for robust multispectral and hyperspectral image understanding. It presents research from leading international experts who have made foundational contributions in these areas. The book covers a diverse array of applications of multispectral/hyperspectral imagery in the context of these algorithms, including remote sensing, face recognition and biomedicine. This book would be particularly beneficial to graduate students and researchers who are taking advanced courses in (or are working in) the areas of image analysis, machine learning and remote sensing with multi-channel optical imagery. Researchers and professionals in academia and industry working in areas such as electrical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, geosciences and biomedical image processing, who work with multi-channel optical data will find this book useful.