• De circonstance, ce numéro printanier de la revue Séquences s'inscrit sous le signe de la survie, en consacrant d'abord sept pages au film-événement Jusqu'au déclin, de Patrice Laliberté. Lisez entre autres une longue entrevue avec le réalisateur. Le film, un suspense sis dans un camp de survivalistes, est disponible sur la plateforme Netflix depuis le 27 mars. Deux autres pages sont ensuite consacrées au film de survie en tant que genre, de Deliverance de Boorman à Battle Royale, de Fukasaku. La revue présente aussi deux nouvelles sections, l'une qui offrira un survol d'un genre à travers un choix de films emblématiques (ici le giallo, par Pascal Grenier), l'autre, en dernière page, qui décortiquera une scène précise d'un film (ici La Notte d'Antonioni, par Yves Laberge). Comme d'habitude, retrouvez également plusieurs critiques de films récemment parus.

  • 'Man was built by Cosmic Intelligence in such a way that he can fulfil himself and attain his full stature only by maintaining ties with a higher world from which he receives light and strength. When human beings rely exclusively on their own limited intellect they deprive themselves of true understanding, and it is this lack that is the cause of all their disastrous mistakes. When men are motivated only by a lust for material possessions and power and act in total disregard for the plans of Cosmic Intelligence, they stir up layers of the physical and psychic atmosphere and arouse formidable forces whose fury is turned against them. The Age of Aquarius will soon be upon us and the tremendous upheavals accompanying it will oblige human beings to understand the reality of the invisible world and the laws that govern it. But the beauty, splendour and harmony of the new life that will emerge from these upheavals will be beyond anything imagined by man. All those who have been secretly working for the coming of the Kingdom of God throughout the world will join forces and work together, and the bastions of ignorance, materialism and despotism will crumble and collapse. This I tell you. And it will be: nothing can prevent the coming of the new era, the new Golden Age.'
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

    Table of contents

    1 - The Age of Aquarius
    2 - The Dawn of Universal Brotherhood
    3 - Youth and Revolution
    4 - Communism and Capitalism
    5 - True Economics
    6 - Wealth
    7 - Aristocracy and Democracy
    8 - Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science

  • Norah Shariff's autobiography is likely to cause some turmoil as she takes the reader into a harsh world created by her immediate family; a world filled with obstacles preventing her from gaining precious freedom. Norah is brought up in a living nightmare, created by her father's abuse and violence, her grandparents' strict religious precepts, and an oppressive religious system. Although a victim herself, Norah is unyieldingly supportive to the point of being overprotective of her mother whose own hell on earth is filled with daily physical and psychological abuse. Over time, Norah realizes her life is slipping away and her strength of character and audacious nature are the two key elements which will eventually free her from the horrific shackles weighing her down.