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    Lucy Kellaway

    Whether it's a problem of working with an ex-lover, firing a litigious employee or dealing with accusations of racism, this book offers practical advice on negotiating the minefield of modern office. It is suitable for those who are trying to cope with troublesome co-workers.

  • Hi!
    Let me introduce myself. I'm Martin Lukes, Special Projects Director at a-b global (UK).

    In your hands is a highly unique book, which pushes the envelope literature-wise. As you will see, it is a 120 per cent honest account of a year of my life - a phenomenal year of personal progress, corporate scandal and marital drama. It not only chronicles my promotion to one of the foremost executive positions globally, but is also a profound journey of personal learning, aided and abetted by my coach, Pandora. I am often asked why I want to share my deeply private philosophies with such a wide audience. I always say it is because I am passionate about learning. I have grown from my own mistakes, both in the professional space and the personal one, and I believe that there are many key takeaways for you here too.

    Who Moved My BlackBerry (TM)? is a creovative(TM) work - to use a phrase of mine that has now entered the business lingo. I anticipate it will be the must-read of 2005.

    All my very bestest Martin.

  • A masterclass in office love...

    Stella Bradberry and Bella Chambers work for Atlantic Energy, a global oil company in London. Bella is a pretty single mother who dropped out of college and is doomed to work as an invisible assistant to a series of men of half her intelligence. Stella is twenty years older, about to get a seat on the board, and is the original no-glass-ceiling, high-achieving, multi-tasking mother of two. Everyone admires her; she's so straightforward and sensible. So what possesses both women to embark on pole-axing, heart-wrenching affairs with men they wouldn't have looked twice at outside the office?

    Smart, funny, moving and agonizing, In Office Hours holds up a mirror to modern corporate life. It's all here - the lies and sabotage, the strutting lunacy of CEOs, men's choice of sandwiches, women's choice of affair underwear, taking credit for others' ideas, the building and crashing of egos. And the obsessive, dangerous conduct of work colleagues who, in the grip of passion, break all the rules.