• Rebecca Parker-Brown's life in Toronto is glamourous, but life is about to change for the young Mother.  As she ventures up north to Algonquin for a summer holiday, she finds a new love of the country and horses.  Little does she know this love will save her daughter's life.  Rebecca has it all, a wealthy lawyer husband, a loving daughter, and a busy social life amongst the members of Toronto's elite. Rebecca considers herself the luckiest woman in the world, until she walks unannounced into her husband's office and finds him in his private shower with his secretary in attendance. Overwhelmed by this ultimate betrayal, Rebecca takes her daughter Emma and moves to a remote cottage on the outskirts of Algonquin Provincial Park. A new life, a new chance at happiness, and even the possibility of romance all await Rebecca's reawakening, and gradually her heartache begins to heal. But when Emma becomes lost in the Algonquin wilderness during a severe snow storm, what should have been their first Christmas together in O'Malley's Cottage turns into a nightmare that threatens to push Rebecca past the breaking point.

  • Rose Cottage hides a dark secret known only to Harry Davidson and his two dogs. The thatched cottage lies nestled among the rolling hills of picturesque West Sussex, England. Constable Alaister McMaster of the Sussex Constabulary stumbles across a fragment of broken china that opens up an investigation leading him to Rose Cottage. Due to his loyalty to a good friend he agonizes over a moral dilemma which prompts the investigation to turn to a new suspect - himself.