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  • Anglais Veritas

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    • Birlinn
    • 6 juin 2013

    Vienna, 1711. Eleven years after the events of Secretum, and by means of a mysterious bequest, Atto Melani arranges for his faithful helper to relocate from a Roman slum to the imperial court in Vienna. Here, Atto enlists his help in a secret mission to bring about the end of the war between France ...

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  • Written in the year 1700, when the demise of Pope Innocent XII was imminent, and dedicated to his friend and employer Louis XIV, The Secrets of the Conclaves is a mine of information concerning popes, conclaves and cardinals. A little masterpiece of cynicism and irony, illuminated by Abbot Atto Mela...

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  • Anglais Secretum

    Sorti Francesco

    • Birlinn
    • 15 février 2012

    Absorbing and fascinating' - New Books Magazine 'Their novels are so rich in colour and context that it's often hard to tell where the history stops and the fiction starts' - The Lady July, 1700, Rome. Atto Melani - once a celebrated castrato soprano, now a spy in the service of King Louis XIV, th...

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