• For the first time since Scott's ill-fated race to Antarctica against Amundsen in 1913, a handful of teams from around the world have been granted permission to race each other, on foot, across Antarctica -- starting on New Year's Day and dragging their food, their tents (and their rubbish) with them. This time, however, a hardnut Norwegian team and various trios of ex-special forces soldiers will be up against double-Olympic Gold medallist James Cracknell and TV presenter Ben Fogle. In 2005 James and Ben rowed the Atlantic together (16 hours a day at the oars, for 50 days). This time, they tackle a challenge that is hard-wired into the British psyche: the race for the pole. And in a last-minute twist, they will also be taking with them a member of the public as their third team member. This is classic boys' own, British adventure in the making for Father's Day -- published alongside six one-hour programmes to be broadcast on BBC 2 on Sunday nights (in the Long Way Down slot).