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  • Anglais Knots And Crosses

    Ian Rankin

    The very first Rebus novel from the No.1 bestselling author.'And in Edinburgh of all places. I mean, you never think of that sort of thing happening in Edinburgh, do you...?' 'That sort of thing' is the brutal abduction and murder of two young girls. And now a third is missing, presumably gone to the same sad end. Detective Sergeant John Rebus, smoking and drinking too much, his own young daughter spirited away south by his disenchanted wife, is one of many policemen hunting the killer. And then the messages begin to arrive: knotted string and matchstick crosses - taunting Rebus with pieces of a puzzle only he can solve.

  • Anglais Mortal Causes

    Ian Rankin

    The sixth Inspector Rebus novel - 'an outstanding creation' SUNDAY TELEGRAPHIt is August in Edinburgh and the Festival is in full swing... A brutally tortured body is discovered in one of the city's ancient subterranean streets and marks on the corpse cause Rebus to suspect the involvement of sectarian activists. The prospect of a terrorist atrocity in a city heaving with tourists is almost unthinkable. When the victim turns out to be the son of a notorious gangster, Rebus realises he is sitting atop a volcano of mayhem - and it's just about to erupt.

  • Anglais The Anniversary Man

    R J Ellory

    The serial killer to end all serial killers is out there and only one person in the whole city knows it...Twenty years ago John Costello's life, as he knew it, ended. He and his beautiful girlfriend, Nadia, were victims of the deranged 'Hammer of God' killer who terrorised New Jersey City throughout the summer of 1984. Nadia was killed instantly. John survived, but withdrew from society, emerging only to work as a crime researcher for a major newspaper. Damaged he may be, but no one in New Jersey knows more about serial killers than John Costello.Then a new spate of murders starts - all seemingly random and unrelated - until John discovers a complex pattern that links them. But could this dark knowledge be about to threaten his life?

  • Anglais Drop Shot

    Harlan Coben

    Following on from DEAL BREAKER, this is the excellent, gripping second Myron Bolitar novel from the SUNDAY TIMES bestselling author of SIX YEARS.The young woman was shot dead in cold blood, dropped outside the stadium, in front of a stand selling Moët for $7.50 a glass. Once her tennis career had skyrocketed. Now, at the height of the US Open, the headlines were being made by another young player from the wrong side of the tracks.When Myron Bolitar investigates the killing he uncovers a connection between the two players and a six-year-old murder at an exclusive club. Suddenly Myron is in over his head. And with a dirty US senator, a jealous mother and the mob all drawn into the case, he finds himself playing the most dangerous game of all...

  • Anglais Kneeling At The Altar

    Jim Lusby

    Waiting in a hospital Casualty department, DI McCadden's attention is caught by the little man who is with the fruit and the roses. Not so unusual in a hospital - except that the man doesn't seem to be visiting or waiting for treatment. What's he up to? Whatever it is gets him beaten up in the hospital car park, and involves McCadden in a labyrinthine case of deceit and more danger than he could imagine . . .

  • Anglais Making The Cut

    Jim Lusby

    For DI Carl McCadden, the seedier side of Waterford's bars, dog-tracks and housing estates can be murder . . .Exactly what was Billy Power - machinist at the plastics factory, keeper of greyhounds and Jack the Lad about Waterford - involved in? And why did he have to die?Unshaven, unorthodox and unpopular with his superiors, DI Carl McCadden finds straight answers about Power - or anything else - hard to come by. And as McCadden searches for the truth through the bleak and dilapidated housing estates, the bars and the dog track of Waterford, Byzantine business machinations and self-righteous politicking muddy the waters . . .

  • Anglais Hunted

    Desiree Knight

    Take a walk on the wild side with Neon erotica - strictly adults-only"So, what's your experience, that Carnival Diabolik should hire you?"
    She thought for a moment, not wanting to say she was a dancer. Not wanting to give anything away that would leave tracks. "I can do a lot of different jobs. I'm up for anything."The pause at the other end of the line went on so long she finally said, "Hello? Are you still there?"
    "Well, Morgan Starlight, you're in luck, being in Montréal, and being so excited about doing anything. The show is about to head out on a cross-country tour. You think you can get to the carnival grounds before midnight...?"On the run from a troubled past, Morgan finds some unexpected new sexual experiences when she joins the cast and crew of the Carnival Diabolik. Her versatility as a performer, both on and off stage, leaves little to the imagination...

  • Anglais Hungarian Rhapsody

    Sephera Giron

    Take a walk on the wild side with Neon erotica - strictly adults-only'Her employer was a fair enough man, a little odd but surely no threat. He had never coerced her into any action where she wasn't comfortable. She had thought that it was pretty much certain that she would be expected to perform specific favors to earn her keep. But so far, she saw less of Vidor then she had at the tavern.'Hester soon begins to experience new and altogether unexpected sexual pleasures with her master and his servants, both male and female...

  • In Dog We Trust. More tales from the world's most famous bounty hunter.'This is your wake up call. You either answer it now, or pay for it for the rest of your life. The choice is yours.'Duane 'Dog' Chapman is the world's most famous bounty hunter. During his hard-hitting and often controversial career, he has rounded up more than 6,000 criminals, and inspired and entertained millions on his top-rated TV show, DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER. But his job doesn't end when the cuffs go on...Having been on the wrong side of the law himself - abuse, addiction, crime, gangs, prison - and turned his life around to become an American icon, Dog knows how to get fugitives back on the straight and narrow. And he makes it his business to help.This is an action-packed account of life on the front line, bringing dangerous criminals to justice. It is also the incredible story of a man who has struggled with his own flaws and made the transition from hell-raiser to peacekeeper.

  • Detective Matt Scudder is on the trail of a killer - but solving the case might be his undoing...Matt Scudder and Jack Ellery were at school together but never exactly friends. Twenty years later, when Scudder was a detective and Jack was standing on the other side of the one-way glass in a police line-up, it was clear their lives had taken very different paths. What they shared, however, was a battle with alcohol. Now Jack is on the ninth step of the AA program and it's time to make amends to the people he's wronged over the years because of his addiction.But when he ends up shot in the head, and it's clear that stirring up the past was not such a good idea, it's up to Scudder to find the killer.

  • The first five novels in the unforgettable Bernie Rhodenbarr series.BURGLARS CAN'T BE CHOOSERS: Bernie Rhodenbarr tends to work alone. Some call him a sleuth. Some call him a burglar. But who could resist being hired - and pocketing a nice, easy fee - for a simple break-in? But nothing's ever that simple. No sooner is Bernie inside the apartment when he discovers the item he's to collect is missing - and in its place is a dead body. Accused of murder and on the run, Bernie must figure out who set him up and why.THE BURGLAR IN THE CLOSET: Bernie's all ears when his dentist starts complaining about his soon-to-be-ex-wife, and happens to mention the valuable diamonds she keeps lying around. A couple of nights later Bernie's in her apartment with larceny on his mind, but has to duck into a closet when she unexpectedly returns. Unfortunately he's still there when an unseen assailant kills her and then vanishes with the jewels. Now Bernie's got to hunt down the killer who left him hanging.THE BURGLAR WHO LIKED TO QUOTE KIPLING: Bernie, bookseller and thief, can't resist the lure of a long lost Kipling poem, even if it is locked inside a millionaire's high security library. Bernie manages to break in and find the poem - but also discovers a dead redhead. Now Bernie has to prove his innocence - and fast.THE BURGLAR WHO STUDIED SPINOZA: Bernie doesn't often get philosophical about his criminal career. He's good at it, it's addictively exciting - and it pays a whole lot better than being a bookseller. But he's latest heist gets him in his biggest fix yet when two other burglars are involved.THE BURGLAR WHO PAINTED LIKE MONDRIAN: By day he sells books, by night he's a master of illegal entry. But this time Bernie didn't do the burglary - but one missing painting worth a quarter of a million dollars, two corpses and a very clever frame-up put him on top of the most wanted list...

  • The fifth gripping novel in the highly acclaimed Dave Robicheaux series.A bullet shot through the window of Weldon Sonnier's house propels Dave Robicheaux back into the lives of a family he's not sure he wants to be reacquainted with ... Weldon Sonnier's CIA-influenced past has led to dangerous connections and commitments, including debts to local mob boss Joey 'Meatballs' Gouza. As Weldon puts himself in the line of fire, Lyle Sonnier, television evangelist and faith healer, reveals to Dave a violent family history that intersects menacingly with Dave's own. But overshadowing the manoeuvres of Gouza's gang is the spectre of racial politics, and it is former Klansman Bobby Earl who will prove to be Dave Robicheaux's most elusive enemy.Praise for one of the great American crime writers, James Lee Burke:'James Lee Burke is the heavyweight champ, a great American novelist whose work, taken individually or as a whole, is unsurpassed.' Michael Connelly'A gorgeous prose stylist.' Stephen King'Richly deserves to be described now as one of the finest crime writers America has ever produced.' Daily MailFans of Dennis Lehane, Michael Connelly and Don Winslow will love James Lee Burke: Dave Robicheaux Series1. The Neon Rain
    2. Heaven's Prisoners
    3. Black Cherry Blues
    4. A Morning for Flamingos
    5. A Stained White Radiance
    6. In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead
    7. Dixie City Jam
    8. Burning Angel
    9. Cadillac Jukebox
    10. Sunset Limited
    11. Purple Cane Road
    12. Jolie Blon's Bounce
    13. Last Car to Elysian Fields
    14. Crusader's Cross
    15. Pegasus Descending
    16. The Tin Roof Blowdown
    17. Swan Peak
    18. The Glass Rainbow
    19. Creole Belle
    20. Light of the World
    21. Robicheaux Hackberry Holland Series1. Lay Down My Sword and Shield
    2. Rain Gods
    3. Feast Day of Fools
    4. House of the Rising SunBilly Bob Holland Series1. Cimarron Rose
    2. Heartwood
    3. Bitterroot
    4. In The Moon of Red Ponies * Each James Lee Burke novel can be read as a standalone or in series order *

  • Anglais Happy Days

    Graham Hurley

    'There is no one writing better police procedurals today.' Daily TelegraphA war which throws the police into the front line: the reckoning awaits.D/I Faraday is gone and the police are left reeling. As his boss attempts to limit any possible PR damage his one time shadow on the force, ex D/C Winter is ever more concerned that he may have made the biggest mistake of his life throwing in his lot with the city's drug baron, Bazza McKenzie.Especially as Bazza is becoming increasingly desperate and violent as his empire begins to crumble under the weight of austere times. And, in the person of D/S Jimmy Suttle there's a new will at the heart of Portsmouth's embattled police force to nail Bazza once and for all, the one man Faraday was always desperate to bring to justice.Graham Hurley's novel is about loss. It is about the decisions we make in life, about the impact our lives have on others. Hurley's trademark authenticity has been allied to an ever increasing sense of drama as he charts the lives of his vivid characters and paints a stunning portrait of a city and a country at war with itself. A war which throws the police into the front line. Happy days?Why readers love Graham Hurley:
    'There is no one writing better police procedurals today.' Daily Telegraph'Well-written and plotted, utterly convincing and really exciting... Excellent' Daily Mail'One of the great talents of British police procedurals... every book he delivers is better than the last' Independent on SundayFans of Ian Rankin, Peter James and Peter Robinson will love Graham Hurley:Faraday and Winter
    1. Turnstone
    2. The Take
    3. Angels Passing
    4. Deadlight
    5. Cut to Black
    6. Blood and Honey
    7. One Under
    8. The Price of Darkness
    9. No Lovelier Death
    10. Beyond Reach
    11. Borrowed Light
    12. Happy Days
    Jimmy Suttle
    1. Western Approaches
    2. Touching Distance
    3. Sins of the Father
    4. The Order of Things
    * Each Graham Hurley novel can be read as a standalone or in series order *

  • From the creator of the JASON BOURNE series, a brand new thriller by the undisputed master of the genre.Reformed from his days of assassination and conspiracy, Paul Janson has a new mission and a new partner. Working with kick-ass sharpshooter Jessica Kincaid, he helps other disenchanted covert operatives to create new lives. He also accepts independent jobs, but only missions he believes will contribute to the greater good. Janson takes the job to rescue a doctor who has been kidnapped by West African rebels. At first, it appears that the doctor's life was spared in order to treat the rebels' wounded leader, but when the mission goes haywire, Janson realises he's in the middle of something much bigger - and that he may be fighting for the wrong side...

  • Anglais A Question of Blood

    Ian Rankin

    The fourteenth Inspector Rebus novel - and No.1 bestseller.Two seventeen-year-olds are killed by an ex-Army loner who has gone off the rails. The mystery takes Rebus into the heart of a shattered community. Ex-Army himself, Rebus becomes fascinated by the killer, and finds he is not alone. Army investigators are on the scene, and won't be shaken off. The killer had friends and enemies to spare and left behind a legacy of secrets and lies. Rebus has more than his share of personal problems, too. He's fresh out of hospital, but won't say how it happened. Could there be a connection with a house-fire and the unfortunate death of a petty criminal who had been harassing Rebus's colleague Siobhan Clarke?